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Why your business should be on Lagroce

No subscription cost

There’s no need for an initial payment to begin. Embrace a pay-as-you-sell system, where you’ll only incur a small transaction fee per order when using the seller app on the ONDC Network.

Join the extensive ONDC network

Establish your presence and make your products easily accessible to customers across India.

Utilize your personalized seller page to vend items

Attract undivided customer attention. Simplify purchases for your loyal clientele by offering a distinctive QR code tailored to your business for seamless transactions.

Trusted by Brands Across Categories

Get Started on ONDC Network in 5 simple Steps

Create your account

Provide your GSTIN and Bank Account details

Display your products

Upload and showcase the products you wish to offer for sale.

Receive Orders

Commence receiving orders from customers all across India.

Complete Orders

Streamline shipping logistics by selecting either on-network or off-network fulfillment partners.

Receive Payments

Consistently receive payments into your account following the specified order delivery and return cycle for products

Frequently Asked Questions

ONDC Network or Open Network for Digital Commerce Protocol is an open network designed to enable digital commerce across industries. ONDC Network is unique in the sense that it focuses on location-based results making small and medium local businesses more visible to potential buyers. Using an ONDC Network-compliant buyer app customers can discover businesses and their products across India.  

ONDC Network is a Government of India initiative aimed at democratising digital commerce and offering a level playing field to sellers of every size. By registering on the ONDC Network using an ONDC Protocol complaint seller app sellers become discoverable on multiple buyer apps/platforms. Once sellers upload their products via any of the seller apps they are discoverable by buyers pan-India. Buyer apps are buyer-side interfaces that help buyers discover a vast range of products sold by all sellers on the open network.

The ONDC network seller app is the seller interface which enables merchants to conveniently start selling on the open network. With just a few clicks, you can list products, set prices, choose payment options, manage inventory/logistics, track orders, etc., through a feature-rich ONDC network seller app like Lagroce.

Lagroce functions as an ONDC Network-linked marketplace where sellers can register and upload their product catalogs. Upon upload, these catalogs are visible on Lagroce and the broader ONDC network, accessible through various buyer apps such as Paytm,Magicinp, and others. Lagroce offers a comprehensive catalog management system that enables sellers to oversee their products, orders, and payouts efficiently.

Registering as a seller on the ONDC network is a straightforward and swift process. Utilize any suitable ONDC network seller application (such as Lagroce) to join the network and promptly begin selling. The following essentials are required for registration:
-Your GSTIN (Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification Number).
-Your bank account information.
-Details pertaining to your business (including name, address, etc.).

Initially, customers require an ONDC Network-approved buyer application to complete a purchase from your store. Subsequently, if your product aligns with their search criteria (such as price, availability, ratings, etc.), it will be automatically showcased alongside other sellers’ offerings. Buyers have the flexibility to select their preferred payment method (e.g., e-wallet, net banking, etc.) for product payment.

The ONDC network stands apart from other eCommerce platforms due to its unique characteristics. In India, Amazon and Flipkart currently control around 60% of the eCommerce market. In contrast to these platform-centered marketplaces, the ONDC Network operates as a not-for-profit venture. Its primary objective is to democratize India’s online retail landscape by offering equal opportunities for growth to all categories of sellers.

The ONDC Network offers logistics solutions within its network for delivering orders to local, hyperlocal, or national audiences. Users on Mystore have the flexibility to select on-network logistics partners that align with their budget and business needs. Alternatively, they can opt for their own fulfillment methods.

Any business/seller having a registered business with a valid GST number and PAN number can register on ONDC Network using Lagroce Seller App.

When you sign up as a seller with Lagroce, you’ll receive several perks:

  • Increased visibility on different online platforms
  • Your personalized page or website to share with your customers
  • Access to a broader audience of potential buyers
  • Improved sales opportunities with lower customer acquisition costs
  • Utilization of advanced automated tools for smoother digital business operations and management