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Hop onto the ONDC wave with Lagroce. We are the bridge from your store's door to the Digital World.

Your store - in your palm.
Your store - in the Digital world

Every shop has a story. Let’s take yours to more ears, eyes, and hearts. Partner with us, and let’s bring your shop to every phone in India! Through ONDC your store will now be visible across multiple apps like Paytm, PhonePe, Mystore, Meesho and more! 

Once you are on the web – that’s it! Manage your store entirely on your phone and oversee each and every part of its logistics on your online dashboard!

  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Mobile Management
  • Seamless Logistics
  • Cost-effective Digital Transition
  • Personalised Brand Experience

Services We Offer

Sell through website, QR Code, Aggregators, ONDC, Social Media, Whatsapp, and POS.


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24/7 Support

Full-fledged Logistics Support with ONDC:

When you onboard with Lagroce onto ONDC, you’re not just getting an online presence. We’re ensuring your store is empowered with top-notch logistics capabilities. 

From cataloging your products, managing your orders, and ensuring swift delivery through dedicated apps, to equipping your team with picker apps for efficiency – every operational need is addressed. What’s more? You’ll have the freedom to select from ONDC-approved logistics partners, guaranteeing quality and reliability in your operations.

(Cataloguing, Inventory Management, Order Management(Picker & Order App), Logistics)

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Join us, and let's revolutionise the way you do business.
With Lagroce, you're not just another store; you're the future of retail.
and, we’ll put you on the Digital map!